Are Ubisoft Games Connected?

Are the Tom Clancy games connected?

Splinter Cell-Ghost Recon-Rainbow Six universe Now I know not ALL Tom Clancy games take place in the same universe, but follow me here: Splinter Cell CT takes place in the same universe as Ghost Recon 2.

All the Tom Clancy games are connected in one universe, Ubisoft has confirmed it..

Are Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed same universe?

[Far Cry] Far Cry 5 & Assassin’s Creed are set in the same universe.

Do I have to use Ubisoft connect?

Yes, most Ubisoft games on PC require you to use Ubisoft Connect for PC to access them. Every game that required Uplay before can now be accessed via Ubisoft Connect.

What rank is Nomad?

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Perryman, aka Nomad, is a Ghost team leader and Support Gunner of Kingslayer Team.

Who is Ubisoft owned by?

Guillemot familyUbisoftLogo since May 2017Administrative headquarters in MontreuilOwnersGuillemot family (18.5%)Number of employees18,045 (2020)SubsidiariesSee List of Ubisoft subsidiaries19 more rows