How Do You Get Through The Yarna Desert?

After Animal Village, Marin can be found on a broken bridge outside of Tal Tal Heights in Link’s Awakening..

In Marin and Tarin’s house, Link finds a note from Marin saying that she has gone to the beach. Once there, Marin tells Link that he was the first person from outside the island she ever met. She also tells Link of her dream of becoming a seagull, and fly away from the island to sing to people in other lands.

They can be defeated by using spin attacks, bombs, arrows, Magic Rod and boomerang.

The Ghost is a spirit who starts haunting Link after the completion of the Angler’s Tunnel, wanting him to take it to its house. As Link cannot enter Dungeons while the Ghost follows him, he must help it in order to enter Catfish’s Maw.

Who do I give the pineapple to?

Take the pineapple to Papahl at the northern edge of the map, on top of the Tal Tal mountains. Next, take the Hibiscus to Christine in Animal Village. Take the letter Christine gives you to Mr. Write, north of Mysterious Woods.

Where does Marin go after the bridge?

She’ll then head to Animal Village after waking the walrus, and can then be found on the aforementioned bridge at Tal Tal Heights where she was left by a group of monsters.

How do you get to the angler tunnel?

Find the Angler’s Tunnel entrance Back in that shallow stream, keep going right past the cave that led you to Papahl. You’ll pass a small waterfall, and then come to an area where the guardrail along the bottom is missing. Drop down there to find the entrance to Angler’s Tunnel.

How do you get to the desert?

To get to Yarna Desert, you’ll have to pass through Animal Village. Starting from the shop in Mabe Village, head east. (If you go directly from Tarin’s bee adventure, also head east — you’re two arrows farther along on our map above.)

What do I do after the key cavern?

After beaten Key Cavern, you now have possession of the Pegasus Boots, which not give you more power to reach places in the overworld. This is a good time to go out and see any long gaps you couldn’t get across prior or if any blocks that are able to be destroyed with a Pegasus Boots charge is available as well.

The Pink Ghost is a task you’re given in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, following the fourth Angler’s Tunnel dungeon. It involves finding the Pink Ghost House location, followed by the grave with flowers. Doing so helps you on your way to the next challenge – the Catfish’s Maw.

Tal Tal Heights are located south of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. It also borders Goponga Swamp to the west, and Tabahl Wasteland, Kanalet Castle, and the Rapids Ride to the south. Moblins and Tektites are the predominant enemies in this region, though Like Likes and Octoroks also appear.