Quick Answer: Where Can I Download Star Wars The Old Republic?

How do I download Star Wars The Old Republic?

Please go to www.swtor.com/download, download the latest launcher setup file and run the setup over the current installation..

Do you have to download Star Wars The Old Republic?

Will I need to purchase a monthly subscription in order to play Star Wars: The Old Republic? No, anyone can download and play the game for free. … To see the benefits of becoming a Free-to-Play player, please visit www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/free/features.

How much does it cost to play Star Wars The Old Republic?

EA announced today that gamers can play the beleaguered Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG this fall for free, avoiding the usual $14.99 monthly fee. The company also announced a $14.99 price cut for the game coming in August; the cut comes packaged with a one-month subscription.

Is swtor Worth Playing 2020?

Whether you’re new to Star Wars: Legends or new to MMOs in general, the game is most definitely worth playing in 2020. The biggest complaint about the game at the time of launch was that there was no end. … And for several years, there were still people playing SWTOR who complained that the game just wasn’t Galaxies.

How many GB is Star Wars the Old Republic?

Between 35-40GB.

Can you solo Swtor?

Of course you CAN play Swtor like a solo game, but you will not experience all the content if you do so.

What is the most fun class in swtor?

For me, it would be (in no particular order): Jedi Guardian, Sith Marauder, Imperial Agent Sniper and Bounty Hunter Mercenary. Vengeance Juggernaut right now is probably the most fun for me. I also really enjoy Carnage Marauder, Engineering Sniper, AP Powertech, and I enjoyed Annihilation Marauder previously.

Is swtor a dead game?

The game is not dead. But it has “down-sized”, so there’s not as much activity in the forums, in general.

Is Star Wars the Old Republic down?

Swtor.com is UP and reachable by us. The above graph displays service status activity for Swtor.com over the last 10 automatic checks.

Is Star Wars the Old Republic pay to win?

You cant pay to win the game, but you can pay to get enough points to buy all the best players, giving a huge advantage. Lots of people in this game have big stacks of credits. But returning players will need at least 30m credits to get all the BiS shells and augments.

Is swtor DLC free?

As of 2020, the first two expansions are free to all players. To unlock the other three expansions, all you have to do is subscribe once, and you will unlock all current and past expansions.

Is Star Wars the Old Republic shutting down?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Game will not shut down.