What Are The Fastest Keyboard Switches 2020?

What are the fastest gaming switches?

If you want a switch that’s really fast for gaming, the Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver are your best bets.

But if you need a well rounded switch, for typing/gaming, the Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches are great options..

Which keyboard switches are the best?

ConclusionBest Mechanical Keyboard Gaming SwitchesSwitch TypeKeyboardBest Ultra-lightweight Mechanical Keyboard Gaming SwitchGateron ClearQisan Mini 49Best Mid-weight Mechanical Keyboard Gaming SwitchCherry MX RedHyperX Alloy FPS Pro TKLBest Heavy-weight Mechanical Keyboard Gaming SwitchCherry MX BlackDREVO Excalibur1 more row•Oct 4, 2019

What are the fastest Cherry MX switches?

The CHERRY MX Speed Silver is the fastest model of the CHERRY MX switch family in full height. Due to the linear switching characteristics combined with the low spring resistance, the silver switch triggers directly.

Are red switches louder than blue?

It is much lighter than some of the other switches available in the market. Comparatively Silent: Another benefit that we cannot overlook with respect to Cherry MX Red switches is that they are a lot more silent as compared to the Blue switches since they do not have a tactile bump or clicky feedback.

Do Blue switches get annoying?

As a long-time Blue user: Yes. Not only does the clicking sound get annoying, so does the bump. See, it’s not just a brown switch with a noise; it has a small mini-bump before the tactile bump, and this is annoying as hell when gaming.

How long do blue switches last?

about 2.8 yearsSo the switches should last for about 2.8 years according to the Cherry specs.

Is Cherry MX speed clicky?

Cherry MX Blue switches are clicky, so typing at speed generates plenty of noise. The click adds an extra layer to the tactile feedback received with each key press. They are slightly heavier than Browns, requiring 0.60 N of force to get over the tactile bump.

What key switches does Ninja use?

Ninja currently uses the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB mechanical keyboard with most likely Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches, which is a compact 60% keyboard.

Is Corsair or Razer better?

Razer Mice. … So in terms of functionality, the Razer Naga is perfect, and if you play a lot of MMOs and RPGs, then that’s the mouse for you. It even won the best choice spot in our article on the best MMO gaming mice, so check that out. If you’re looking for the best FPS mouse, Corsair has the better selection.

What keyboard do pros use?

Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardFor pros, by pros The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard is the first keyboard to carry the ‘G Pro’ name. That means that it’s one of Logitech’s premium products aimed at serious competitive gamers, and it seems they hit the mark straight away on their first attempt.

What is the fastest keyboard in the world 2020?

The best gaming keyboards available in 2020Das Keyboard X50Q RGB. The best gaming keyboard for most people. … Razer Huntsman Elite. The best premium gaming keyboard. … SteelSeries Apex 3. The best budget gaming keyboard. … Logitech G915 TKL. … Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. … HyperX Alloy Elite 2. … SteelSeries Apex 7. … Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo.More items…

Are red switches better than blue?

You’ll notice that the red mechanical switches are smooth and have minimal resistance throughout the entire keypress, whereas brown and blue have a tactile “bump” on the way down that lets you know the key has been pressed enough.

What switches do pro gamers use?

Cherry MX Blue switches are the most widely used clicky switches while the non-clicky ones include the Linear switches from Cherry MX and Kailh. Romer G Tactile and Romer G Linear are the non-clicky switches from Logitech while the GX Blue is the clicky one.

Are black switches good for gaming?

The original linear design with a smooth key press, Cherry MX Black switches are ideal for rapid pressing of keys for gaming. The medium-stiff resistance also helps avoid accidental key presses during pivotal movements and helps minimize typing errors.

What switches are quiet?

Our most popular switch. Cherry MX Brown switches are tactile and quiet. Excellent for office use. These are a preferred choice for developers, writers, and anyone who works long hours in front of the computer.

What keyboard does Bugha use?

Logitech G Pro MechanicalBugha often streams using the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and it’s his go-to choice for competitive play.

Which is better Cherry MX red or blue?

Honorable. Cherry MX Reds – Red is best for gaming. Blue is best for typing. Brown are a good balance between the two.

Is Cherry MX Red loud?

So among the Cherry MX switches, Red, Brown and Black are the common ones nowadays, and it’s quite a rarity to find those loud but and tad bit heavier blues. … The Cherry MX Blue has a distinct “click” sound when depressed beyond the tactile point, making it the loudest switch in the Cherry MX family.