Who Owns BlendJet?

Does Jen Selter own BlendJet?

Jen Selter Instagram Jen is the co-owner of BlendJet that makes healthy fitness shakes for fitness lovers.

She also has an Instagram page for her own personal training app, Fitplan..

What is Seltering?

Seltering is a fitness pose where you stick out your rear that occasionally includes getting in a position where your hands and feet hold up your body weight.

Is BlendJet waterproof?

BlendJet 2 is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting liquid in the USB-C port or accidentally submerging your BlendJet 2 in the sink or pool.

Does the BlendJet work?

As long as you do that, the BlendJet works great, even with frozen fruit. I can see taking this to the gym to blend your protein smoothie fresh, before or after a workout. … The BlendJet 2 is great for making salad dressings, sauces, anything that’s primarily liquid.

Is BlendJet made in China?

BlendJet was developed out of an idea from Ryan Pamplin, the company’s co-founder and CEO. … Pamplin noted Zuk’s manufacturing connections in China were key to the company finding an overseas production facility.

How much is BlendJet worth?

At $40, a BlendJet One costs less than most other personal blenders, which typically range between $50 and $75. You can find BlendJet knockoffs for about half the price, but they may lack the customer support BlendJet offers.

Where is BlendJet located?

ConcordWe’re based in Concord, CA, just 30 minutes east of San Francisco. All BlendJet orders ship directly from our headquarters in sunny California.

What does Jen Selter do for a living?

ModelInternet celebrityJen Selter/Professions

How loud is BlendJet?

How loud is this portable blender? Answer: It’s not overly loud.

Is BlendJet patented?

We created BlendJet to help everyone in the world live a healthier life. BlendJet’s innovative technology and intellectual property are covered by our patents.

Can you put a BlendJet in the dishwasher?

To clean your BlendJet, simply put water with an optional drop of dish soap inside, and run it one or more times as needed. We don’t recommend putting the jar or lid in the dishwasher. Never submerge the electronic base.

Is BlendJet dishwasher safe?

Your BlendJet 2 is water-resistant, so it’s okay to get the USB port wet, but never put your BlendJet—including the base, jar and lid—in the dishwasher.